Rc Cars

Hpi Trophy Truggy Flux

This car is pretty cool my uncle has it and it is way fast and he doesn't even have the 4s lipo batteries he has 3s so it can go way faster if he wanted it to. So in my eyes this is a really cool and good car.

Hpi Jumpshot St

This car I don't know if I like this car just because it looks cool or what I just think it's cool.

Hpi E-Firestorm

Now this is basically the Hpi version of the the Traxxas Rustler on the top of the other page but if I had the choice I would go with the Rustler.

HPI Baja Q32

Now this car is very cool its a 1/32 scale mini rc car that you can get new parts for new wheels and everything, and it fits in your pocket.